At Ohana Kennels we have 38 indoor runs that measure 4'x6'x6.5' which feature fiber glass floors that will stay cool even on a warm summer day. The runs are cleaned at least twice daily to assure your dog will be resting comfortably. The gates on the runs are chain link which lets air circulate through them. Unless specified, your dog will not spend unnecessary time in the run, only for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bedtime. However, if your pup prefers some alone time to relax and take a nap, our runs are large enough to provide plenty of space and comfort for them. If you are boarding multiple family members, rest assured that the runs have plenty of room to accommodate for 3-4 large dogs, so we will not need to separate your pets. Also, if you are boarding more than one dog, each dog after the first dog will receive $5 off per day for the entire stay. 

The atmosphere here at Ohana Kennels is very laid back and feels welcoming for most dogs. We treat Ohana like our home, and the dogs seem to pick up on those vibes. Most days, if you walk in to our lobby, you will be greeted by one of our doggy guests who prefer our laps to our play yards. 

Holiday Boarding

When boarding with us during holidays, though our business hours are shorter, we are here caring for your dogs much past our business hours. Also, the boarding rates will remain unchanged even on holiday stays.

We recommend booking your holiday stays as far In advance as possible, we fill up quickly. 


  • Boarding Rate: $40/night* | $35/night per additional dog(s)
  • Extended Stay Boarding Rate (14 days or more): $36/night | $31.50/night per additional dog




Let us know if you have any more questions or concerns regarding our boarding services, we are more than happy to accommodate for almost any situation. (408) 988-DOGS (3647) or